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ACOUSTIC SHADOWS // on SA Recordings - out April 15th, 2020. LP/DL/Sample Library. Pre-orders available here.

"Vibrant and teeming with life" - Joshua Minsoo Kim, The Wire, March 2020

"Acoustic Shadows is a series of musical performances and sound installation that took place inside the enclosed hollow body of the Deutzer Bridge in Koln, Germany, originally recorded in July of 2018. Spanning approximately 440 meters across the Rhine River, the extraordinary acoustics and rich existing sonic architecture of this site acted as a point of departure for a series of site-responsive compositions for acoustic instruments, electronics and resonant space. This record presents two longform works, one for brass octet, the other, percussion trio.

As a special accompaniment to the record, the musical ethos of Acousic Shadows is distilled into a library of samples for brass and percussion instruments that takes advantage of the natural acoustic condition of resonant space (in this case a large former freezer in Tileyard Studios) to create a “third instrument” wherein the sound of the instruments is filtered through the reverberant room. The collection of sounds found in this library are musical and instrumental techniques derived from the same language as Acoustic Shadows, which includes minimal ostinatos, volume swells, and timbral variations through other extended techniques."